Dare to Drive—Yes, Long Road Trips with Kids Are Possible

People often ask us how we manage to afford traveling as much as we do.

Well, here’s one of our main secrets:

We dare to drive.

Driving is so much cheaper than flying, which is largely what allows us to fit travel into our budget.

Plane tickets just between US cities average around $200 per person (and often are even more).

(Yes, sometimes you can get cheaper flights, and yes, this doesn’t work for traveling overseas, but that’s content for another post.)

So even if you only have two adults and one child over the age of two, you’re usually having to fork out about $600, just to fly to your destination city, and that doesn’t even cover the cost of transportation around town once you get there.

That’s why driving is the answer.

We’ve made road trips across the country and back again for under the cost of a single airline ticket.

Plus, once you’re in your destination city, you have your car with you and don’t have to rent a car or pay for other means of transportation once you get there.

“But I Have Kids…”

Well, so do we!

When we tell people about the twenty-four-plus-hour road trips we’ve done with our toddler, people flat out tell us we’re crazy.

And now we’ve just completed a ten-hour trip with him and our four-month-old baby.

Too many people seem to be scared of long road trips with kids or think such a thing simply isn’t possible.

Now, we’re not going to lie; of course driving long distances with kids is a challenge, and not every moment of the drive is a blissful, jolly holiday.

But in this series we’re starting (and will contribute to over time) called “Dare to Drive,” we’ll give you various tips about how to ease the challenges of traveling long distances—especially with kids—and hopefully help you realize that you too can live a Fernweh lifestyle after all.

So stay tuned for more in this upcoming series.

What questions do you have about driving long-distance with kids? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!