3 Steps to Making Travel a Priority

We’ve had so many people ask us recently how we manage to have the time and means to travel as much as we do.

Well, here’s our first tip: make travel a passion and a priority in your life.

You might say you really wish to travel, but do you actually set it as a priority?

Or are there other things that take higher spots on the shelf? How badly do you really want it?

Because when it comes down to it, you have to decide if you really do want travel as a priority in your life, or if there really are just other things that you’d rather do instead.

But if you really do want it badly enough, you can make it happen.

Perhaps that sounds like a “Well, duh; but then what?” answer; or maybe you’re thinking, “Psh, yeah right. That’s easier said than done.”

Well, here are three steps to help transform your intangible travel dreams into a realistic passion, hobby, and lifestyle.

1. Make a list of what’s holding you back

If you feel like you’re not traveling as much as you wish you could, take a few minutes and write down the main things you think are holding you back.

Is it money? Time? Not knowing where to start? Or what?

2. Be willing to sacrifice

Anything that’s really worth it usually takes some sacrifice in one form or another.

So after listing what you think is preventing you from traveling, think about what it might take to overcome that obstacle—and what you might need to give up to make it happen.

For example, if money is the challenge, look at where you’re spending and if there’s anywhere you could cut back so that you could put that money towards saving for a trip instead.

3. Take action!


In the infamous words of both Nike and  Shia Labeouf, “Just do it!” Set a goal of where or when you want to travel next, and write it down! As they say, a goal not written down is merely a wish.

And what better time to set a goal than now at the beginning of the new year?

Then set smaller goals that will help you get to that main goal—goals like, “I’m only going to eat fast food once this month and put the rest that I’d usually spend towards travel.”

The Beginning

This was just a simple introduction to some basic steps you can implement to get you started on the path to having a traveling, Fernweh lifestyle.

We’ll focus in and go into greater detail for some of these steps later.

But for now, we just wanted to give you a place to get started.

To give us an idea of how to better help you with future posts, write in the comments what your answers are to step #1. What are the main things holding you back from traveling? Or you already make travel a priority, what changes have you made in your life to make that a reality?

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