Travel—Not Just for Single Hipsters or the Wealthy

I’m walking the cobblestone streets in Odense, Denmark, savoring a lakrids-flavored ice cream cone, admiring the quaint, yellow, historic house of Hans Christian Andersen.

I’m hiking the red-stone wonders of Arches National Park.

I’m scaling sand dunes and swimming Lake Michigan at Indiana Dunes State Park.

Want to see some pics?:





Perhaps not. We know a lot of people do things like this with kids or while pregnant. And yet, people still frequently express to us how surprised they are at how much we travel.

There seems to be a misconception out there that traveling frequently or having adventure is too difficult or too expensive—especially as a young family.

And yet we manage it.

We’re not rich. Mr. Fernweh is a PhD student and Mrs. Fernweh is a stay-at-home mom, so we’re technically living slightly above poverty level on nothing more than a student’s stipend with two kids.

But despite that fact, we’ve somehow managed to have a little travel adventure nearly every month for the past several months and frequently in general over our six years of marriage.

“How do you do it? What are your secrets?”

Those are the questions that multiple friends keep asking us. Several of them even encouraged us to write a blog to share our “secrets.”

So that’s why we’re here.

Thanks to the prompts, encouragement, and inspiration of numerous friends, we’ve decided to start this blog in hopes that we can share some tips and experiences about how traveling can be for anyone of any age or stage of life, in nearly any socioeconomic or family situation.

We may even have some useful tips for those of you out there who are the young traveling hipsters—after all we used to be those ourselves (except we always said we were too hipster to be real hipsters, since hipsters are so mainstream; but that’s another story).

We don’t claim to be experts, and we’re  strong believers in the fact that something that might work for one individual or family might not work for another. We just hope what we share resonates with someone out there and to spread the Fernweh vision with anyone who wants it.

Fernweh (pronounced “FEIRN-vey”) is a German word meaning, “far-sickness” or “aching for far away,” and is also defined as “an urge to travel even stronger than wanderlust.”

We both definitely have this wonderful illness and hope to contaminate you all with it as well.

But before we get too far, our question is, what do you guys want to know about traveling on a budget or with kids, or just having a travel lifestyle in general?

Write your suggestions for future post ideas in the comments below, and subscribe to be notified when we write new posts.

Can’t wait to get this conversation rolling with you guys!

6 thoughts on “Travel—Not Just for Single Hipsters or the Wealthy

  1. Wow! I had no idea you love to travel…I am very excited for you! I love to travel also and I look forward to seeing your next adventure!!


  2. Thanks for this, guys! very interesting post, so cannot wait to read more!. I love travelling too! What I usually do it´s to try to book as much in advance as possible, in order to get cheaper rates or even though last minute, so you can get a very good value offer!
    Re the landmarkds/places to visit, it´s important to check whether free tickets are offered or no admission tickets are needed. For instance, in European countries, it´s very popular to entry for free in some museums, palaces etc. some days or from a specific time during the opening hours. As an example, The Prado Museum in Madrid opens every day for free from 18 to 20, in addition you can visit some Royal Palaces here on a Wednesday or Thursday..


    • Thanks Mary! Glad you enjoyed it! I’ve actually already been writing a draft for an upcoming post about planning trips as early as possible! I guess we have some of the same great ideas! 😉 Thanks for the additional tips as well!! We’ll have to try to highlight those points in some of our future posts. We always welcome more tips and ideas from other travelers! Thanks for reading! 😊


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